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Scarlet and wolf, Cinder and Kai

The top two looks like Anakin and Tahiri while the bottom two look like Percy and Annabeth.

Twister part 5 (awkward)

Twister part 5 (Part four was Percy vs Nico and Nico was swearing so I didn't pin it.

Punk Percy Jackson and Girly Annabeth Chase AU by Viria

Punk Percy and Stylish Annabeth. (aka if Percy ever decided to were anthing but a t-shirt and jeans and Annabeth actually remembered to brush her hair.) < Annie brushes her hair. Just not after she finishes a good book


Annabeth Chase/Piper McLean, Percy Jackson/Nico di Angelo, Piper McLean/Reyna, Jason Grace/Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase<<<<<oh Jason and Percy. wonder hos far they would make it?