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Haha yeah but depends on the song and if I give two shits at the particular moment

I was listening to on the bus and I was doing exactly this and people were staring but hey it you can't hate while you got SLSP blasting in your ears

The Vamps Brad Simpson Wallpaper Hair Too Long

The Vamps Brad Simpson Wallpaper Hair Too Long

// WANT YOU BACK //  // 5SOS //

// WANT YOU BACK // // 5SOS //

// VALENTINE //  // 5SOS //

// VALENTINE // // 5SOS //

// LIE TO ME //  // 5SOS //

// LIE TO ME // // 5SOS //


Mostly the first one<<same I dropped my teachers hand made mug today and the first words out of my mouth were Whoops and then the bell rang and I ran <<< The number two is completly me, boy.

Дизайн ногтей тут! ♥Фото ♥Видео ♥Уроки маникюра

Дизайн ногтей тут! ♥Фото ♥Видео ♥Уроки маникюра

Car Mirror, Aesthetics

70+ Trendy Nail Arts Fashion Ideas Design Color & Style

Gel nails are so pretty! This is why we have the Best Gel Nails for 2018 – 64 Trending Gel Nails. Gel nails just have that certain look to them that makes them look fresh at all times. Most of the time you have to go to a special gel nail artist to get th