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Frisk, Papyrus, and Sans - comic

Frisk, Papyrus, and Sans - comic<<<<<<<<<<omg I feel horrible for laughing at the end because papyrus face is so priceless 😂

Sans-you little! Let me at him!

Baby Bones by ttoba on DeviantArt aw I don't like this comic it's not very nice Sans loves Papyrus he wouldn't trick him into doing this poor Papy ;


And no I didn't draw the starry background, I stole it from some place, can't remember where nothings better than lying on the ground and feeling like garbage&nbsp;

That is a really good idea for Flowey

That is a really good idea for Flowey(is that a sailor moon cosplayer in the background)《 jup and there is a DRAMAtical murder cosplayer on the left.

sans art | Tumblr

Sans is a time traveller. But does this mean he has determination? Can he reset?<< I believe he was part of the determination experiments, as was undyne

I need to cool it on the gifs.

Friendly reminder that karkat is actually really good at fighting -- k: really, all the trolls are good at fighting. Even Tavros can wield a mean lance, appearently.

I'm red with karkat

Okay so I have a Moirail & Matesprit. I need a Auspistice & Kismesis. (like my favorite quadrant tbh) <<I have a flush crush, but absolutely zero quadrants :c