Chronic Sociopathy

Chronic Sociopathy

Chronic Sociopathy
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Dragon King CYOA (from /tg/) - Album on Imgur

a black behemoth with hibernation immortality and the terror aspect, in the Syndicate faction. i am the strongest type of dragon, with the heaviest armor and th CYOA

A story

I wish this didn't need to happen but I'm glad for the girl. Hopefully f*ckboy was scared straight!

Dragon Age Inquisiton - The Dawn Will Come

Dragon Age Inquisiton - The Dawn Will Come - this scene left me spellbound and made every moment worthwhile.

The everyone else at the bottom... Where did those breadsticks come from XD

Viv is using you to gain power. Cassandra is using you to seek revenge and so is Leliana. Josie uses you to help her house and not get murdered.