People's Republic of Poland / PRL

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Bajka Biały Delfin UM. Kto pamięta?

Bajka Biały Delfin UM. Kto pamięta?

Plakat z PRL-u.

Anti-Radio Free Europe Poster from Poland

Kiwaczek - czy pamiętamy?

The rights to remake the story of the wildly popular Russian animated character Cheburashka have been acquired by TV Tokyo Broadband Entertainment, Inc.

Miniony mecz Polska - Czechy z innej perspektywy.

Dobra panowie - koniec gadania o tej piłce, zajmijcie się nami.

Walka o umysł człowieka

book vs TV personally i think there is a time for both. Both are wonderful inventions to spread tales of adventure and love and pain and LIFE.

Tom and Jerry.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer produced Tom And Jerry. This show was first released in the but it went all the way through to It is about a cat, Tom, and a mouse, Jerry. Tom tries to catch Jerry but Jerry always seems to escape and making Tom look like a fool.