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Dorcas Meadowes
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I always felt that Jotun Loki was always more beautiful that Asgardian Loki in an ethereal kind of way<<I think they're equally beautiful in different ways, and I would like to see Marvel show the Frost Giant side of Loki a bit more.

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The all black suit is cool, but I like to see him in green.

He looks even sexier now then the first Thor movie is that even possible 😍😍😍😍😍

Loki ~ The Avengers,deleted scene.The Other tells Loki to use the scepter...Yes,Loki,the scepter.Oops

Loki from the Avengers deleted scene showing he is partially under the control of the Tesseract/Thanos. You can see his eye color change<<WHAT WHY WOULD THEY DELETE NO.

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