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Asha Greyjoy: A Song of Ice & Fire by Jae Drummond

A page for describing Characters: A Song of Ice and Fire - House Martell. This is a listing of members of House Martell who appear in A Song of Ice and Fire.

Eingebettetes Bild

(Open) Lexa's head whips to the side, fearful of being caught. She was the leader of a small empire called Polis, and any move she did in the enchanted forest could have her executed for treason." (Y/c) asks nonchalantly.

Up close sinister

Harley Quinn thinks Jerome from "Gotham" is just her type. Naturally, Ed "Riddler Nygma is his wingman.

Jessica Jones

varshavijayan: “ First artwork of It just had to be Jessica, my whiskey drinking, ass kicking spirit animal :) As far as new year resolutions go…I just have to draw more and post more artworks.