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Clipatize Portfolio

CLIPATIZE is for those of you who seek new ways of explaining ideas. It presents novel products or services in a short, clear and exciting way, because your client deserves a consistent message. We make explanatory videos in all the techniques from 2D motion graphics and character animation to complex 3D animation and live footage.
52 Piny48 Obserwujący Client: European Aluminium Industry: R&D Style: Parallax effect Summary: This promotional video presents the various fields and sectors where aluminium can be used. As one of the most abundant element of the earth's crust (in the form of bauxite), Aluminium is a complex, light, strong, conductive, non-corrosive, flexible and endlessly recyclable metal, which can bring innovation in the fields of: construction, transportation, health, packaging, science and technolo...

"Essential Aluminium" promo video for the European Aluminium (Parallax Effect) by Clipatize Audience: Global geospatial data management industry insiders from a broad range of industries (farming, engineering, oil&gas, defense etc) Objective: To catch attention of the target group at conferences and trade shows by presenting Airbus Geospatial Data Management solution in a unique way. Solution: Dynamic and upbeat 2D motion graphics with original narrative and visuals stands out of the crowd.

(English) Explainer Video for Airbus Defense and Space (USA) Client: MOSTOSTAL Industry: Construction Style: 2D animation Summary: The explainer video that Clipatize has created for Enprove was hosted on its own landing page, for more direct communication with potential clients.

MOSTOSTAL - EnPROVE Explainer Video by Clipatize Client: AmpliFIRE consortium Industry: IT, InterInnov SAS, iMinds Style: 3D animation

FIRE Future Internet Research and Experiementation - 3D explainer video by Clipatize Client: Genomed Industry: Medical Style: Live footage with graphic overlay Challenge: explain the benefits of research projects related to genome analysis to end customers.Solution: we produced 2 videos that link promotional and educational approach to position Genomed as a regional leader in genome testing. Both videos were displayed as TV commercials, homepage videos and on trade shows.

Genomed 2013 ENG Client: Akselworks Industry: SaaS Challenge: explain the novel approach to project management and showcase the product of Akselworks. Solution:The explainer video included both a short user story as well as a quick screencast that presented the visual interface of this project management system. It was first screened during Slush conference in 2013.

Intelligent project management tool - Explainer video for Akselworks by Clipatize Client: PHILIPS Industry: R&D, Smart cities Style: 2D motion graphics animation Challenge: raise interest in LED technology among representatives of government and local administration. Solution: we’ve created an an explainer video, showcasing LED benefits, features and the financial mechanisms available to roll-out large municipal infrastructure projects. The video was developed as a part of an interactive data visualization project. We have designed and deploye...

PHILIPS - Smart City in the light of the LED revolution (promo video) Client: MODE SA Industry: software, photography Summary: we created a short, well-structured video that provided a full understanding of the product and its potential uses. Having been given full creative control, we worked to deliver a script, an energetic look and a compelling story that would clearly communicate just what makes MODEView so pioneering.

3D Product Photos for e-Commerce - Explainer Video on ModeView software by Clipatize Client: Mostostal SA Industry: Construction Style: 2D graphics motion animation

Tibucon - a New HVAC Solution for Building Managers explained by Clipatize Client: European Aluminium Industry: aluminium production Challenge: shift the attention of the all-to-classic “use-phase” focus on aluminium, and raise the awareness of the full lifecycle assessment. Solution: we prepared an encouraging and easy-to-follow explainer video that would reveal Aluminium’s Life Cycle with its abundance of possibilities in various fields and intelligent, innovative solutions for our environmentally sustainable future. The video was target...

Aluminium Life Cycle Story - 3D animation explainer video for European Aluminium by Clipatize