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Johnny Rayflo x Cherry | #Vassalord | ♤ Anime ♤ and ♧ Manga ♧

An old sketch I found in my Art folder. It is a 'Nonfinito' Characters: Johnny Rayflo (left) & 'Cherry' (right) Texture by: Vassalord

Johnny Rayflo ~ Vassalord ~ Nanae Chrono | Manga

Devereaux (Jonathan), leader of the Sports department.


Vassalord is my favorite yaoi story, it's sooooo amazing

Johnny Rayflo

May I have a taste? Jonny Rayflo from Vassalord

Johnny Rayflo || Vassalord.

o character from Vassalord commission info* [link] Vassalord : Rayflo

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Johnny Rayflo a. Rayflo/ Known as the Progenitor of vampires, Johnny Rayflo is a rich vampire playboy with a large mansion and several vampire maids. He was known in the past as "The Confined Elagabalus.

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