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Assassin's Creed, Hoods


And they've became best friends ever since. It took me awfully long time to finish, Altair's expressions alone were worth that though xD Aaah, I must draw Altair trolling more often, it's just so a.

Haytham and Connor!

The fist time I played this scene, I was so happy. I was like "Ahhhhh, Hatham's not just an awesome Templar!

AC4 dump by doubleleaf

The third picture of the spanking assassins series. Poor Connor he got spanked twice p: (not promoting domestic violence) ------------Photoshop


“ //for zenjestr-wants-his-url-back [something ziio related] ”

Arno Victor Dorian - so much sass

Arno Victor Dorian - so much sass believe that's why they are called asSASSins, lol <- OMG HAHAHA /// i just told someone he was sassy XD