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'You're still not straight I see.' 'Neither are your teeth but here we are.'

lesbian girl-I need to make a confession fat amy-okay lesbihonest lesbian girl-I am a gambler fat amy-didn't see that one coming. lesbian girl-it all happened after I broke up with my girlfriend fat amy-WHOOMP THERE IT IS! haha best movie ever!

My teacher said she didn't believe in homosexuality LGBT funny whisper  OMG I LOVE THIS haha.

My teacher said she didn't believe in homosexuality. I stood up and screamed "Oh my god, I don't exist!" Before running out of the room.<<< this is hilarious, but at the same time really amazing<< I APPLAUD THIS PERSON

I've read about this incident, but now I can't stop watching this....

The outtakes = Awesomeness x Poor Ben. Wish we could see the look on Mark Gatiss' face, the troublemaker!

Hiatus strikes again.

(Gif) aaaaand now I'm laughing like a mad lunatic xD guys we have too much time on our hands-- seriously this is getting ridiculous Ummmm.that's kind of awesome. Also, I spat on my computer. But seriously, we need to stop this madness

Oh dear, fandom... we are so not okay... (click for gif) I can't not pin this...

Oh dear, fandom. (gif) I can't not pin this.we need season jaw dropped. <<<WE NEED SEASON 4

Oh sweet hiatus!

(gif) Oh, look. I found the hiatus. < oh my god this is on whole new levels of perfect.