Showing a funny kpop vid to my friend. this is so true happens every time to me haha<<< I've overdosed on K-Pop, someone call a doctor!

kekeke this is totally true~ i share my bias with everyone and i know how they pheel~ kekeke

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Girlfriend Level: Car Navigator Lee Jong-Suk & Park Shin-Hye in ' Pinocchio ' lol Episode 8 kdrama

When I showed my friend kpop for the first time she looked at me and shook her head like I was some crazy person and know she really likes and have I done to my friend?

Yep pretty much. Unless i succeed in getting into kpop industry.

one time i told someone that i listened to kpop and they legit said "oh, so ching chong music?

Sadly this is still necessary. for dramas, variety shows, kpop songs, etc. I need to learn Korean!

The fist time I showed my best friend he was jungshook and his brother to

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