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Karol Wawrzaszek

Karol Wawrzaszek
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The Cat Returns

Screenshots of Prince Lune from the Studio Ghibli film "Neko no Ongaeshi (猫の恩返し)"

How to draw a First Order Stormtrooper helmet!

I love Star Wars helmets! Today we’re learning how to draw a First Order stormtrooper helmet. Have you seen our original stormtrooper helmet lesson? And you can count on us doing a lot more helmets…I can’t wait to draw Kylo Ren’s!

this is what commander Neo's ground troops would have looked like, since he was mostly on speeder bike though, they were mostly commanded by a sergeant or lieutenant in his legion.

Clone Troopers make a great basis for a security force. Replicating some aspects of them like the armour would allow me to incorporate them into my level

Delta squad fixer ,boss, sev , scorch

Delta squad fixer ,boss, sev , scorch from star wars republic commando