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{A Pause for the Finer Things in Life}

Weekly, I post one or two pictures that demonstrate how the most simple things in life are, in fact, the finer things–those that mean the most and will be among the most precious of memories.…



Little reader

Little reader

Whatcha lookin' at?

Stephanie Moon Photography

I wonder what is so interesting in that book? By the way, this is off-the-track thoroughbred Highland Bull from New Vocations and two year old Morgan. Stephanie Moon Photography

Little reader

Tutu - Kids On The Moon , het mooiste rokje ooit!

De Tutu van Kids On The Moon is een van de mooiste rokjes die wij kennen! Het is ook een hele praktische rok om te dragen bij iedere gele...


A Walk Around the Lake

I'm looking for poems about reading, about books. Even about specific books. Thomas Lux has one. Any other suggestions? The Voice You Hear When You Read Silently is not silent, it is a speaking- out-loud voice in your head: it is spoken, a voice is saying it as you read. It is the writer's words, of course, in a literary sense his or her voice, but the sound of that voice is the sound of your voice. Not the sound your friends know or the sound of a tape played back but your voice caught in…

Reading Readiness: The Top 5 Skills + FREE Placement Test

Your child should master 5 key skills before you begin formal reading instruction. Discover 20 ways to develop reading readiness.

Pre-school: statistics, what to expect, benefits of

Pre-school: statistics, what to expect, benefits of



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