Idea to take baby pictures! cutest thing ever!

Cute baby shoot with stuffed animals. Cuter sea to remember all the favorite stuffed animals too!

fun to use the same bear in monthly photo from newborn to age 1 (or higher)... shows baby's growth

fun to use the same bear in monthly photo from newborn to age 1 (or higher). shows baby's growth. This is one of the biggest things we did wrong with baby pics the first time around. There aren't enough relative size things around.

Oh my, this is so precious. This is the cutest sibling photo ever. I do hope to have my first child as a boy and then eventually a girl. Big brother will take care of little sister.

Laser beam challenge. This is a party game I could get into!!

Laser Beam Challenge - Set up a laser obstacle course in a hallway with crepe paper. The crepe paper will tear if the kids bump into it, letting them know they weren't able to get through the course. For added fun, do this in the dark with glow sticks!

Siblings Newborn Photo Idea

Love this picture! Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Liu Seeley Autumn is probably too big for this kind of a picture now, eh? Can we do a photo shoot with your two adorable babies!

10 Pictures to Take on Baby's 1st Birthday

Instead of hiring an expensive photographer for your childs first birthday pictures, check out these cute photo ideas for a birthday on a budget. Cheap baby girl first birthday picture Ideas


17 Babies Having A Bad Hair Day

She's gorgeous!

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So sweet!

I love this pic & that little pose. What a face! Fun pic for her parents to show later when her first boyfriend comes around!