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Attack on titan, shingeki no kyojin, spongebob, funny | This fandom never ceases to amaze me. This is the best I've ever seen XD
i love marco and he's dead in half like plz can we respect the dead????
EMA: Crusaders. (Attack on Titan) Source:
I just imagine Hanji making the 104th squad sing this and gets a kick in the face
Well, Mikasa's only half Japanese. Did they seriously put Erwin as American just because he looks like Captain America? Bruh. I totally agree. XD
Auruo Bossard x Petra Ral. If this is true... I SHIP IT. Only one problem. THEY'RE DEAD!
yomeiu: farewell
That's cute lol #anime #memes #funny #manga
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Team 7 back together again!!