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Gasai Yuno

I think this is very symbolic and I believe that Yuno is a genuinely nice person if she puts her mind to it she just dosent want ya'lls to touch her Yuki


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corpse party...i´m crying right now...I thought this guy was the best of Corpse Party...

bad_end blonde_hair blood blood_on_face bloody_clothes blue_eyes blue_hair corpse_party guro kishinuma_yoshiki kneeling long_hair school_uniform serafuku shinozaki_ayumi short_hair short_twintails socks tears torn_clothes twintails

Военная хроника маленькой девочки ● Youjo Senki | VK

youjo senki tanya degurechaff high resolution screen capture stitched boots dark background god ray gun kneeling looking up rifle simple background uniform weapon