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Uwah...I am a Rarity?! (Reincarnation) Editing

*sigh* How exactly did I end up like this again? All I ever wanted was a successful life as a surgeon and indulging myself with my beloved anime...So please tell me...WHY WAS I REINCARNATED AND WHY AM I CONSIDERED A RARITY?! Bishies belong IN the anime world NOT with me!!!! *ahem* I apologize. That was not very mature of me. However, dear sweet kamisama of all anime, why oh why did you reincarnate me? This is my first story and it is original so please give me lots of support and tell me how…

The OP Swordsman ( Male reader x Fantasy Girls )

A young adventurer is brave and shows potential but is killed in a dungeon on a quest. But instead of dying he receives a strange power that allows him to OP and hopefully build his harem. Beware Guys Lemons will eventually be Included !!!!! Art does not belong to me.

human concept, kim sehoon

human concept by kim sehoon on ArtStation.

Referencias Para Dibujos - Expresiones Faciales II

Bocetos, bases y referencias para dibujar. Esta es una recopilación de todo lo ya antes mencionado, de todo tipo. Si estás escribiendo un cómic esto podría interesarte, si estás aburrido esto también podría interesarte, si quieres aprender a dibujar ¡Deja de leer esto y pica en "comenzar" de una vez! Las imágenes posteriormente mostradas no me pertenecen, crédito a sus respectivos autores.

Outfit reference - half orc, ᚳ ᚢ ᛁ ᚻ ᚾ ᚾ

Outfit reference - half orc by ᚳ ᚢ ᛁ ᚻ ᚾ ᚾ on ArtStation.