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Ok I did...had to admit

Oh Dang hold up << I will "repost" it (pin it) just to see if any of this comes true. I'm sure it is false, but it is always funny. I hope my crush kisses me.

And on my terms alone...One Day It Will Happen.

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It's literally addictive. It's like telling a person to quit smoking, stop drinking or doing drugs. For me, it temporarily relieves my mental pain. It's really just a vicious cycle that's hard to stop!

but I made a promise.a promise to someone who is no longer with me. I intend to keep that promise even if I die inside.I promised him.and I'll keep that promise because I love him.

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I need help I need help I need help I need help, I wish my friend was up so I could text them, it is late though so they are asleep. I am insain. I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine.