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Look at this video  Copy   Paste in safari  Watch

Look at this video Copy Paste in safari Watch

Let's go hawks

Sports fan gear for the Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey fan. NHL bedding, game day gear, decals, party supplies, gifts and other collectible sports merchandise at Team Sports.


Example of an explosion picture_Despite it could not be used for a plane accident because it looks like a bomb accident

Look at that explosion

Atomic Bomb Predicted Before It's Time Written literature that predated the atomic bomb made references to man creating a weapon that could set the sky on fire. Wells book The Time Machine

That looks terrifying

Japan will not join UN member-backed initiative seeking to ‘outlaw nuke weapons’


Operation Castle - Romeo Event The Romeo Event was part of Operation Castle. Romeo was detonated from a barge near Bikini atoll on March Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office