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Bez jaj! To jest autentyczny cytat z Biblii!

To jest autentyczny cytat z Biblii!

Autentyczny cytat z Biblii

Autentyczny cytat z Biblii

Noah's Ark #bible #atheist #atheism

* * * Would our conservative fundamentalist Christians care to comment on Noah's Ark space accommodations for the a nimals he took.

A question to theists

Arguing with people who's comments indicate they are certain they're going to heaven is nothing more that a writing exercise.Communicating with commenters that understand god is a lie is infinitely more rewarding!

"Gay Marriage isn't Special Rights. 'Special Rights' are for political churches that don't pay taxes.

Graveyard for Gods - Imgur

The God Graveyard, old gods that have been worshiped throughout our history but are no longer prayed to, how many more will be thrown into the wind?…” (via house-of-gnar)

Just like the picture. The blind ignorance of people that believe only humans have a conscience.

It was really bad...

Scopes Trial photo--includes a link to Tennessee history website and Scopes Trial info.