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“Save Me Not Second Base Go on. Save the tatas. Save second base. Base entire campaigns around a secondary, sexualized sex characteristic used pars pro toto for womanhood.

this would be awesome, but i would add, only cool parents know about it, and the kids who come out, and are afraid, can be sent there to be encoureged to be themselves!

And they can come back every year to their friends, and when they turn 16 or 18 or something they can become counselors.<< Im not gay but please can someone make this a thing in loads of countries<<< I'm pansexual this needs to happen

Equality is what everyone gets what they need, not necessarily everyone gets the same amount/same thing.

I also virw it as, say she just had major surgery then her husband would get time off to help her. Well she just shoved a whole person out of her how is this not as serious as that