Maria Krystyna Janina Skarbek, also known as Christine Granville, GM, OBE, Croix de guerre (1 May 1908 - 15 June 1952) was a Polish agent of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) during the Second World War. She became celebrated especially for her daring exploits in intelligence and irregular-warfare missions in Nazi-occupied Poland and France. She became a British agent months before the SOE was founded in July 1940 and was...

Though most were never taught her name in AP History class, the story of World War II spy Krystyna Skarbek is worth hearing.

Witold Pilecki (13 May 1901 – 25 May 1948) was a Polish soldier, a rittmeister of the Polish Cavalry during the Second Polish Republic, the founder of the Secret Polish Army resistance group in German-occupied Poland in November 1939, a member of the underground Home Army (Armia Krajowa), which was formed in February 1942. Pilecki  took part in the Warsaw Uprising in August 1944. He was executed in 1948 by the Stalinist secret police.

OrdinaryHeroes - Witold Pilecki volunteered to be imprisoned in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in order to infiltrate Nazi death camps.


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