Anarion Greenleaf

Anarion Greenleaf

Mirkwood  ·  I reject your reality and recreate my own.
Anarion Greenleaf
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Nerd — He was the hottest in prisoner of azkaban

Part Harry Potter as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher He would've been great as the DADA teacher, but Harry got it into his young head that auror would be the job of his dreams, and didn't think to change it.

You collect all of the pie pieces and put them together and that makes the key to open the closet door

A supernatural video game would be amazing! I would play it everyday! Make it co-op so you can play as Sam and Dean! And drive the impala! >>> "open the closet door" XD I'm here my friends Destiel shippers !

Hamilton. Lin Manuel Miranda, rap your way into the whitehouse! (please?)

Dear president essay -This refers to President Bush’s widely debated “No Child Left Behind” program, in which federal funding for schools is contingent on standardized test scores.

the only downside of going to hogwarts

That's the real question. >>> sneak out, use magic, set up your own wifi network/go on airplane mode and listen through the music app, sing it yourself

Published essays that defended the constitution The name of the 85 essays written to urge the ratification of the  US Constitution was The Federalist Papers. It was written by  Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James.