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i dont think it matters what time anyone fell in love with them tbh . . as long as we all love them they are the same people

It's ok though, we all come to the fam at different times. Every fan loves the boys. It doesn't matter if you've been here since the beginning or just joined today. You are still a true fan, and we accept you.

Yep... I admit it

They all look like their yawning it makes me want to yawm but ashton face tho (he gonna sneeze!


Same with friends who don't know who they are!<< half my family are convinced I'm dating Michael Clifford xxxx<< I had my Aunty convinced I was dating Ashton Irwin

It's funny cus he honestly looks hurt ... OMG Calum hahaha

Luke and Cal It's funny because Luke honestly looks hurt. OMG Calum hahaha >>> of course Luke would be hurt! That would be like Michael telling people that him and I aren't dating!

Yea I'd say so Luke :D <3

what the hell is even happening in this photo? youve got michael looking in a fridge (not even surprised tbh), luke naked because he just got out of the shower and then we have calum leaving the bathroom and staring at naked luke lmao where's Ashton?

Does he know how creepy that is. Tell them where your hiding your voodoo dolls!<<<<< I worry for my fellow fandom and Luke himself.<<<< um does anyone else think its cute how Luke has bears of all of the boys or is it just creepy

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Pearson: so what is your fav superhero? me: mike-or-wave Pearson: what? me: shows pic Pearson: ok as they back away slowly then sprints to out the door me: come back u need to now more about ← YES THATS SO ME!