Warren MacKenzie

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Whenever you run across the term, "Mingeisota", know that it is a simple way of referring to Warren MacKenzie and the other Minnesota potters who combine a commitment to the Anglo-Asian ceramic tradition of Leach and Hamada with a Midwestern devotion to straightforward utilitarian ware.

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Warren MacKenzie Studio Pottery Dotted Tea Bowl M - Nov 2019 Slab Pottery, Pottery Vase, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic Mugs, Ceramic Bowls, Stoneware, Warren Mackenzie, Sculpture Clay, Ceramic Sculptures

Warren MacKenzie Studio Pottery Dotted Tea Bowl M - Nov 01, 2019 | Revere Auctions in MN

Warren MacKenzie | Studio Pottery | Blue dotted Tea Bowl

Warren MacKenzie | Banded Bowl Warren Mackenzie, Chawan, Tumblers, Metal Working, Glaze, Tea Pots, Cups, Gallery, Enamel

Warren MacKenzie | Banded Bowl

Schaller Gallery Represented Artist: Warren MacKenzie - Stillwater, Minnesota. Piece: Banded Bowl