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Sam, Dean, John

I think Dean has always tried to protect Sam from John in a way. He gave Sam a Christmas so that Sam wouldn't think his father had lied and I just think he doesn't want Sam being hurt by his dad anymore.

Aww Sam and Dean. I miss this. Like seriously I'm making tears

BUT as children they probably had to sleep in the same bed cause.most motels only have two beds.and I can see John Winchester being a bed hog :P

Dean stealing Sam's pillow. Cutest thing I've ever seen....the fact that Jensen actually fell asleep like that is the best

Cutest thing I've ever seen.<<<< Funny thing is Jensen actually fell asleep whilst filming this this scene.

He looks soooooo emo

I love pictures of baby Josh because he was so emo and it's adorable! Also he's not wearing the green shirt everyone else seems to be wearing. Me too, Josh.