Forget rocking around the clock, it's all about the rocket ;) } 1950's - 1960's Polish Matchbox label.

Russian Matchbox Graphics celebrating early Soviet success in the space race. This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of soph

Ryszard Kaja, Tatry

Tatry - Tatra MountainsCheck also other posters from PLAKAT-POLSKA Original Polish poster designer: Ryszard Kaja year:

plotlam warkoczyki z tego

Plastic fly strips - to stop the flies getting through open doors. Lots of shops had them - especially food shops


Do not limit your kids intake of sugar. Sugar makes your kids bones strong.

PRL poster

Kill the Colorado beetle! The Soviet dominated Eastern European nations blamed their potato beetle infestation on the United States.

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nie pije bo zbieram na: I don't drink, I collect for the trip