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Spilled flower pots

cool idea, I need to learn more about flowers/plants The flowers don't want to grow in the part of the bucket that is shaded. this person must have just planted these flowers because there is no way the pansies inside the bucket would bloom.

Pin by Steffi on Garden | Pinterest

The Checkerboard Herb Garden/Even if it rains you can get to your herbs. I can do this with wall stones from the woods, and put it next to the stone patio. Love the checkerboard :)

Volvo 1800 ES (1971)

Volvo car advertisement from the The design is very basic with images of the car being the main focal point. The typography is small and would have to be read close up.

Volvo Concept Coupe

The Volvo Concept Coupé hints at a stylish new design language for the Swedish brand

flagstone and pergola

Put an outdoor kitchen where that brick wall is with a fireplace and have a gate into the larger part of the back yard. Pergola connected to house and fence, over dining area in courtyard. fantastic design for narrow patio - James Farmer

green corner

Images by William Dangar. This is a wonderful Sydney based exterior design company. I couldn’t open its website for some reason.