PianoBall - Play with the rainbow ! – Discover amazing world of colors, music and creativity. Select your keyboard, select a tune and Play ! Follow magical starts to learn melody or just “PLAY” with autopilot mode. Roll, Roll, Roll, to discover colors and instruments. Shake to see magical shower of stars! Allow your kids to discover all controls with no need for any instruction. Just intuition and curiosity.
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PianoBall - Jingle Bells

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PianoBall - Solfege syllables. Say... Pink!

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PianoBall - Explore the music and colors

PianoBall options - Check yourself :)

PianoBall - Magic Shake on baby keyboard

Do you like to play Ode to Joy on pink baby keyboard? You can select any other color too ! :)

PianoBall - Wlazł kotek na płotek - Polski Akcent :)

PianoBall - For He's a Jolly Good Fellow - cyan baby keyboard - toddler mode

RED, RED, RED - ALL IS RED - PianoBall can be red too - Mary Had a Little Lamb

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