Budzik snajpera / Gun Shooting Alarm Clock.

Shoot your alarm clock to turn it off each morning. but wouldn't you have to grab the gun which takes the same time as turning the alarm clock off. and then you'd have to shoot the target when you're half asleep to turn the darn thing off.

Clocky - uciekający budzik. / Clocky - the alarm clock that runs away.

Clocky Aqua Rolling Alarm Clock--it rolls around and you have to chase it to turn it off

Tocky - uciekajacy budzik / Tocky - the alarm clock that runs away.

Take a look at this 'All Songs Considered' Tocky on zulily today!

Budzik Space Invaders / Retro arcade alarm clock.

Loving this Space Invaders Clock. Alarm Tone is the Space Invaders music and everything!