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Vole is a geometric typeface with rounded counters. Vole simulates water leaking into its open inner spaces, creating a visual concept of fluidity and filling in. This font is perfect logotype for tech, restaurants, and personal branding. Friendly with a bit of cool. Comes in 9 font weights, from Thin to Black. Select “all 9 styles“ from dropdown.


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the sundash logo and its identity are displayed in orange, black and white
Fonts (2024) - 177252+ Free & Premium Fonts · Creative Fabrica
the word flux in green and blue on a black background
Adelaide creative agency Flux gets a graphic design make-over
an image of the word biotech in black and white on a light blue background
Biotech on Behance
two different type of logos with the word orca in green and purple on them
ORA Industries - Type Exploration
a tote bag with black and white geometric designs on it's front pocket
Studio Sutherl&’s identity for St Alban’s Museum + Gallery
Studio Sutherl&'s identity for St Alban's Museum + Gallery