Minipresso – The World’s Smallest Outdoor Espresso Maker  Get your Outdoor ESPRESSO ready in just 60 seconds. For hiking, camping, on a boat or at work. Coffee lovers, look out! Whether for camping, hiking, on a boat or at work – with its mini size of 17 x 6cm and 360g weight, the world’s smallest […]

WACACO Minipresso manually hand pressure portable espresso machine coffee pressing bottle -- Details can be found by clicking on the image.

Constantin Bolimond, Maxim Ali, Tondo Graphic – Armstrong – light trap

Russian Designer Constantin Bolimond developed this concept lamp called "Armstrong Light Trap," Inspired by the pockmarked surface of the moon.

Art Lebedev Studio – WEIGH

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LOPER footwear: glueless rope construction

Roderick Pieters designs glueless shoes held together with rope

Dan Clifton – Google, Project Ara

Dan Clifton – Google, Project Ara

Zhinan Bryan’ Liu – High Speed Helicopter

High speed helicopter for future luxury private heli market

Andrii Kovalskyi – Spiral lamps by Inshovid

Sculptural spiral lamps designed by Andrii Kovalskyi to make a statement. Their artistic design is a literal twist on pendant and wall sconce lighting.

Hyosang Pak – TicTok Humidifier

Switch_Humidifier is designed based on moving switch. I'd like to express to instinctive UI. Easy use, Comfortable design.