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a woman's face with tattoos and piercings on her forehead, in front of a torn paper background
a woman's face is covered in blue and white art work, with intricate details
When you crack and chip just paint over that shit. | Instagram
a drawing of a woman's head with butterflies on it and watercolors
an open book with black and white drawings on the pages, including water drops falling from it
an image of three women in renaissance dress and the caption says, i always get excited when i recover female portraits
19th Century Italian Artist Juana Romani; Female Artists
an open book with a butterfly drawn on it
57+ Amazing Butterfly Bullet Journal Spreads | My Inner Creative
a woman is dancing in the fog with her arms spread out and hair blowing back
30 Beautiful Examples of Surreal Photography | PSDFan
~J "When you hear the melody of what you desire but you have no words to describe it, that's ok dance anyway. The words will come." ~Ara