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Some words are up to no good, even if they seem harmless. Think it's time to get rid of these?

Which one of these is not like the others: That's so dumb. That's so stupid. That's so annoying. That's so gay.

Because I am a Woman

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Ms., Mr., or Mx.? Nonbinary teachers embrace gender-neutral honorific

Educators who identify as neither exclusively male nor female have found “Mx.” to be a more fitting classroom honorific.

Graphics - TSER

TSER’s trans-related infographic series. We encourage you to share and print these graphics! Below are the released infographics and corresponding references. You are free to use these graphics in any […]

Is it OK to Say 'Queer'?

“Queer” means different things to different people, making it difficult to clearly define. It is not necessarily codified within the LGBTQ community — or within mainstream society for that matter — but it is evolving, as language does.

She / Her Gender Pronoun Usage Pin

Easy-to-read She / Her identifier pin that can be worn on your lapel, or any other noticeable area. Let people know how you prefer to be addressed, taking some of the awkwardness and pressure off yourself while also making a small statement.These pins are designed and produced by a genderqueer ar...

Name Tag Pronoun Pins | He/Him | She/Her | They/them | Non-binary | Genderqueer | Neogender | Alternate gender | Transgender

These lovely little pins are a great way to remind those around you of your preferred pronouns, whatever they may be! Be proud to be yourself and show that pride with flair and style! Small enough to be unimposing yet clearly legible to everyone around you, my hope is that you won't have to continually remind people of your pronouns or worry about being misgendered as often while they're on display. Info: • Item Name: Name Tag Pronoun Pins • Item Type: Handmade • Item Style: Vintage…