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White Extra Volume Tichel Volumizer & Anti Slip Headband

This is a new twist on the popular tichel volumizer that adds volume under your tichel to fill it out. The Extra Volume Tichel Volumizer features an attached strip of material that can be wrapped around your head twice. Its perfect for adding body to thin

nancy  http://markdsikes.com/2012/12/27/lady-in-red/

Governing Couple (© Slim Aarons) Nancy Reagan and her husband film star and Governor of California, Ronald Reagan (later the President of the USA) in Acapulco, mexico.

5 Standing Presidents.....

All Five Living Presidents! All five living Presidents will were in town for the opening of the George W. It’s history for Dallas to have all of them here but, it’s most likely to create a history making traffic jam as well.

John Kennedy with Native American chief. c. 1962

This photo shows John F. Kennedy, U. president from and a Native American Chief. March 1963 President John F. Kennedy welcomed the National Congress of American Indians to the White House. This shows the relationship of these two cultures.

Rare gathering of five presidents at Bush Library dedication - PhotoBlog

Rare gathering of five presidents at Bush Library dedication. The five living Presidents ~ Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush & Jimmy Carter

... think of the changes... (just a timeline, eh?)

States and Capitals/Presidents Bookmark.Have students make this and then research a topic., re-elected?, no vp? Endless ways to cross the curriculum with history and ELA!