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Berserkers may have been the predecessor to werewolves because the fighters wore pelts into battle and fought like fierce animals.<< That's wicked!

Das Orakel Erádûnê Finwe hat vor vielen Jahrtausenden die Aufgabe zugeteilt bekommen, die Zukunft vorauszusehen, jedoch ist sie dazu verflucht worden, sich nicht einzumischen

Okay seriously this reminds me of the Elven colony in The Lord Of The Rings. I wish I was a elf sorry not sorry.<<< never, EVER, apologize for wanting to be an elf.

Guerreira? Certamente, mas bem antiga... (Ou naum)

dtk-womenwarriors: “ ART BY ARANTZA SESTAYO ” Check out this beautiful woman warrior by Spanish artist Arantza Sestayo- I love the soft-yet-deadly energy in the watercolour illustration.


by Jee-Hyung Lee. I felt the jungle ground shake from under me. I turn around to see the legend of the forest warrior, protected of all animals and hunter of humans.