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Scarypet's LAVA TUTORIAL by *scarypet on deviantART

I made this little tutorial to show how I draw eyes I hope it& useful. Sorry for the bad english in the tutorial Please full-view

then there was fur

EDIT: Gave it a fresh new look with new fur examples and more explanations. If someone wanted good fur results in a fast, easy way, this tutorial helps. Small and Simple Fur Tutorial

Ciameth's Rock Tutorial by Ciameth on deviantART via

Ciameth's Rock Tutorial by Ciameth on deviantART This is great! Been looking for how to do this and it seems easy enough for someone who isn't extremely artistic but wants a good texture

how_to__render_fast_wip_images_in_zbrush_by_k4ll0-d5rzpn2.jpg (1206×2958)

A small tutorial about how I render my WIP images with BPR. I used the ZBrush base settings for everything that I didn't specifically mention. How to: Render fast WIP images in ZBrush